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Metallic Structure

About PICE

Upon the approval of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to the amended By-laws (November 25, 1999), the formation of International Chapters was made possible.

​The chapters, which are based on other countries, is a manifestation of our commitment to reach-out to Filipino Civil Engineers around the world. We strongly advocate the formation of International Chapters in order to establish a more concrete point of union for Filipino Civil Engineers.


To advance the welfare of our members and the development and prestige of the Civil Engineering profession and to be a dynamic force in nation building.


The leader among professional organizations known globally for professionalism, integrity, excellence and social responsibilty - a key player in nation building.


The primary objectives of the Chapter are:

  1. To support the continuing professional development of its members through education and trainings.

  2. To establish and maintain a fraternal support system within the general membership by helping fellow Chapter members especially in times of job placement, reintegration trainings, etc.

  3. To facilitate an information network among the Chapter members by means of media, internet, or other means of communication.

  4. To foster a spirit of pride, responsibility and camaraderie in the Civil Engineering profession.

  5. To encourage good professional relationships with other technical and scientific organizations of Filipino Professionals in the United Arab Emirates that is allied to Civil Engineering profession.

  6. To assist the members in the renewal of their PRC licenses and concerns with the institute.

  7. To encourage, assist and prepare members who are not yet registered Civil Engineers in the Philippines to take the Special Professional Licensure Board Examinations (SPLBE) for Civil Engineers in the UAE, in coordination with the Institute and Professional Regulation Commission, hereinafter referred to as PRC.

  8. To promote socio-civic responsibility by means of different outreach programs and other civil functions deemed necessary.

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