Message from the President

Dear PICE UAE Members

As we bid farewell to the year 2021 and begin 2022, On behalf of the Board of Directors for the year 2022 it is with great pride and humility that I welcome you all to the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineer – United Arab Emirates (PICE -UAE) official website. 

The Pandemic has affected the lives of everybody around the world. Claiming millions of lives, Affecting the economy, and reducing Employment opportunities. Some of our members were even affected by the surge of the pandemic and some were obliged to go back to the Philippines. In addition, Our Organization usual approach on implementing gatherings and activities were forced to be changed. However, as a tailoring approach to the new normal, our organization will be embracing technology and make it a vital tool in bridging the gap between the Chapter and the members

The Chapter website is organized by the Committee on Publication and Information (COPI) led by Engr. Eric Biscocho, and this initiative is only a part of the vision of what we (Board of Directors 2022) have in mind, and is an assurance of continuous service and dedication despite the challenges due to the pandemic. We the officers, will do our very best to uphold the mission and vision of Chapter and adapt to these challenging times.

Because prior to the pandemic and throughout the existence of PICE – UAE since 2012:

Ten (10) years has passed and PICE-UAE has been a changemaker for Filipino Civil Engineers in United Arab Emirates producing registered Civil Engineers in the Philippine Registration Commission (PRC), implement several webinars that are beneficial to the career progression and advancement of its members, and created different social activities that would benefit the society. 

My sincerest appreciation and commendation to the previous Presidents and Board of Directors of the chapter for giving an outstanding example for service and leadership to the current Board of Directors. As we celebrate 10 years since our formation, Rest assured that the organization is in good hands and the legacy will be continued, and PICE UAE will be taken care and I hope that we will all make you proud.

To the Chapter Members: The Chapter was formed for its members and it is through the members that the organization would continue to exist, I would like to encourage everyone to participate and be part of the different committees of the chapter and let your voices be heard, together we will create a difference. 

Thank you for the unending support to PICE-UAE.

Through the Almighty’s grace, KAYA NATIN TO.



2022 PICE-UAE Chapter President