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Message from the President

It is with great excitement that I wish you a Happy New Year! May your year be abundant in opportunities, success, and happiness in both your individual and professional lives.

As the year 2022 ends, we reflect on all the things we experienced, lessons we learned, stresses we endured, and challenges we overcame. The Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers, United Arab Emirates Chapter has grown in the last year; not only in the membership count or the engineers that have been upgraded to life membership, specialist, fellow, or an ASEAN engineer, but also the knowledge of engineers from webinars offered by this prestigious organization.

With the start of the new year, we now hear again the famous mantra “new year, new me.” The start of every year means the curation of goals to better us and the promise of motivating ourselves to follow through. We set new objectives being the elected President of PICE-UAE this year 2023, I have a vision on how I want to help the organization, especially the members to continue moving forward and upward their career ladders. With the help of the Board of Directors and the support of the members, this vision can come to fruition.

I shared what I hope we could accomplish together this year during the year end party. Allow me to restate some points. The PRC board has been emphasizing civil engineers to be registered with a specialty. The board of directors feel the same way and would do their best to help organize specialty practices and assist in propagating advance-level engineering register. I believe having someone that serves as a guide will greatly help, there are various of excellent engineers in different branches of Civil Engineering in the PICE-UAE who are ready to help and have professional discussions. One of the objectives this year is to support a mentorship program, whether it is member-leader, member-member, even leader-leader. The projects that we do at work are to serve the public and we will continue to serve the public, notably our countrymen through community service projects.

Moreover, I will do my best to support and guide our team and the different committees with each of their goals in maintaining and making the PICE-UAE chapter recognized as the best international chapter.

This seems to be a lot of information for the first month of the year but as Nelson Mandela said, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Step by step, goal after goal will be achieved as we come together in unity. Nothing in this organization will be accomplished without the strength of each member. I challenge all of us to do our part as we enter this new age of innovations especially in our beloved field of Civil Engineering. Let us learn together but also take part in the initiative to share modern practices with each other in webinars and conferences.

Let us begin with the end in mind to say to all Congratulations for the success of PICE UAE Chapter. Mabuhay ang PICE.

Engr. Manuel F. Papasin

2023 PICE-UAE Chapter President

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